Smith Family Coat of Arms (CorelDraw):

Please e-mail SirTSClan@yahoo.com for discussion of these Smith pages (see active link on bar above for genealogy file). Arms and genealogy are an excellent way of sharing the past with present generations. (Numbers 1:52--And the children of Israel shall pitch their tents, every man by his own camp, and every man by his own standard, throughout their hosts.) Variations and uses of my coat of arms. Arms: C. Ray Smith

Some Family History for Smith of Virginia

Connection with George Washington: John Smith, Capt., born 1662, died 1698; son of John Smith, born 1624; son of Christopher Smythe, I, born 1591, Burnley, Abington Co., Lancashire, Engl., died 16 Apr. 1638, Mittford Parish, Engl.; son of Sir Thomas Smythe, born 1558, died 1625. Christopher Smythe, I, married Elizabeth Towneley, born abt. 1600, Lancashire, Engl., died abt. 1679, Mittford Parish, Engl., daughter of Lawrence Towneley, born 1575, and Margaret, born 3 May 1624, Burnley, Lancashire, England. JOHN'S WIFE: Mary Warner, born 1665, daughter of Col. Augustine Warner, II, and Mary Reade. Mary Warner was an ancestor (great-aunt) to Gen. George Washington.  Also: Children of John (Smith) Smythe, died 1538, and Jane Brouncker: Elizabeth Smythe = Simon Horspoole of London - their son, William Horspoole = Mary Washington daughter of Lawrence Washington and Martha Newce (Ancestor of George Washington)... http://www.zipworld.com.au/~lnbdds/home/smythwilts.htm

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(Historical Note: for the first 300 years of heraldry it was the citizen choosing arms before royal authorizations were observed by Visitation. Crest coronets were authorized and a common practice for citizens.) In Search of William M. Smith: Peter Smith 1793 Will, posted: 02 May 2003 08:33. Peter Smith 1793 Will -- Caswell Co NC. NOTES In 1909, my great-grandfather William Monroe McGhee made a copy of his great-great grandfather Smith's 1793 will. The will by Peter Smith of Caswell Co NC, was copied in 1992 by John P. "Jack" McGhee, my father's brother. "In testimony whereof, I have set my hand and seal this 18th day of April, Seventeen Hundred and Ninety-Three, 1793, and I appoint John Windsor, Richard Hornbuckle and my son William M. Smith  Signed -- Peter Smith, SEAL" -- Rootsweb shows William "W." Smith. In the original document and a post from 2003, the letter appears as "M" not "W".

The Code of Chivalry and More Smith Genealogy:
Of interest to any Smith descendant is when and where the spelling of Smith with a "y" and "e" took place. Some Smythes of Virginia seem to have continued this spelling, however, speaking of other Smiths traveling on to Rockingham, Rowan, Montgomery, Moore and Chatham counties, N.C. the name seems to have altered about 1762. On a List of Taxables for Pitt Co., N.C., 1762, are found Brunswick Co., Va. Smythes by the names of William Smythe, William Smythe, Jr., Christopher Smythe, Joseph Smythe, Jonathan Smythe and Samuel Smythe. On a List of Taxables for Pitt Co., N.C., 1763, it appears each had become a "Smith." Whatever reasons for a spelling change the later practice continued to the present though not all Smythes may have altered their names at one time.
(Above: $10 coat of arms w/coronet and choice of charges.)
Smith genealogy continued... Whichever way Smiths traveled from coastal Virginia westward or into North Carolina their roots were established from Pitt to Granville, to Rowan, Rockingham and Montgomery then Moore and Chatham counties. Smiths also moved into Tennessee and Georgia by way of Revolutionary War land grants but for those that stayed, not all Smiths are found in any one 1790 county census. In Montgomery Co., N.C. are found important names as: Alexander, John, Nathan, James, Asa, Richard, William, Joseph and Sherwood. To demonstrate the Brunswick, Virginia connection there was a Sherwood Smith, born 1761, in Brunswick Co., son of James Smith, born about 1735, found in the 1790 Montgomery Co., Salisbury District, N.C. census. See Round Table Arms web locations (better to copy and paste URLs): https://www.pinterest.com/roundtablearms/  Yahoo Groups at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/grups/RoundTableArms/info